Research on Migration and Development 

-We conduct research on all migration and diaspora issues and other related fields.

-We ensure that research undertaken under our auspices meets the highest standards of established scholarly and community-based research, and establish innovative ways to make that research more relevant to researchers, policymakers, migrants, development organizations, and other interested parties.

Interdisciplinarity: we draw on a wide range of disciplines in the arts, social sciences, humanities, education, business, and applied sciences to expand the depth and breadth of knowledge on, and understanding of, migration and diaspora issues.

Inputs: In addition to research inputs, where feasible and subject to appropriate vetting, we seek input from diaspora and other external stakeholders in the generation of research topics, and collaborate with these stakeholders in the conduct of the research consistent with the highest standards of research ethics.

We seek funding from established research granting agencies as well as from newer sources to support its research.

Outputs: In addition to peer reviewed books, journals, and conference papers, we seek to involve the wider community in mobilizing research through public dialogues, workshops, and social media.

Research Thematic Areas

  • Remittances
  • Return Migration
  • Brain Drain and Brain Gain
  • Diaspora Investment
  • Diaspora Tourism
  • Legal and Institutional Dimensions of Migration
  • Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Migration
  • Migration and Economic Development
  • Migration and Population Dynamics
  • Migration and Health

Research Work by Team Members

The Potential of Transnational Migrants to Contribute to Kenya’s Vision 2030 Mwangi, J.N.

Working Papers

  • Countering Brain Drain Effects: The Contribution of Skilled Migrants to Development in Kenya
  • Socioeconomic Determinants of Transnational Involvement of the Kenyan Diaspora in National Development
  • “I am Going Home”: How Kenyan Migrants’ Intentions to Return Home Affect their Transnational Engagement
  • Maximizing Kenyan Diaspora’s Contribution to Development through Entrepreneurship

Our Research Partner

African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)