Diaspora Interlink Training and Research

Diaspora Interlink provides corporate training and capacity development on diaspora and migration matters. Our team  consists of experts on migration issues, with tons of experience both in the academia and corporate world.

Propery and Real Estate

Diapora Interlink leverages on the big network of diaspora community and knowlwdge of home countries to link you up with property foron sale.

If you are looking for a house or real estate in a specific area, Diaspora Interlink will scout for possible solutions using its wide network and knowledge of local markets and get you the perfect fit for you.

If you want to dispose off a property, Diaspora Interlink will market it for you within the diaspora community, and link you with potential buyers.

DInterlink SACCO

Diaspora Interlink is in the process of registering DInterlink Sacco, a Savings and Credit society whose intention is to harness individual savings to offer its members access to capital and help them to fully participate in emerging markets in Kenya as well as opportunities in the East African Community.
The membership target is diaspora returnees and Kenyans in the diaspora who intend to return to Kenya in the future.

The Sacco was born out of needs that Kenyans in the diaspora and diaspora returnees encounter everyday such as:

  • Limited avenues to harness savings for investment
  • Relatives and friends who often fail them by not executing agreed upon
  • Real struggles when trying to settle back in Kenya.
  • Limited access to affordable credit in Kenya

More information coming soon


Diaspora Interlink links you with opportunities at home and beyond